8th grade students Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) conferences will begin January 18, 2023, through May 1, 2023.   The students' meeting will be in room 140 during school.  The South Carolina Education and Economic Development ACT (EEDA) requires us to begin the IGP process when students are in eighth grade and continue through twelfth grade. During these conferences, students and parents will meet with a counselor to define their career cluster goals.  Each conference will be 15 to 20 minutes.  We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and your child to discuss his or her career exploration and to encourage positive choices for the future.  

Below you will find the link to sign up for a time slot.  Please sign up before February 20, 2023, if not Mrs. Scruggs will give you an assigned time.  Thank you. 

IGP (Individual Graduation Plans)